Age of the vehicle

This is one of the aspects that most influences the final price of your insurance. In the hypothetical case of identical driver circumstances, a new car will be more expensive to insure than a car that is a few years old.

Maintenance cost

The higher the manhour prices and the spare parts of the vehicle, the more the price of our insurance will increase. Usually, the higher the vehicle’s power, the higher its range and therefore its more sophisticated components.



Statistics tell us that the percentage of new drivers are at greater risk of suffering an accident. This drastically affects the price of the policy for the youngest drivers, and especially for those of under 26 years.

Civil status

Again due to statistics, married people with children benefit from the price of their car insurance in comparison to single or divorced people.

Age of driving license

It is an inversely proportional factor. As the driver increases his experience behind the wheel, the height of the amount of his insurance will be reduced.

Driving history

This is also an aspect highly valued by insurance companies. If a driver registers a high number of accidents, the policy will be more expensive, whereas the contrary will be the case when the driver hasn’t made any claims in recent history.


Private or professional

In case of using the vehicle professionally, it is susceptible to suffer more damage due to the driver’s own activity such as loads and discharges, more frequent and demanding use, etc.


Although mileage usually presents greater indeterminacy, since the information provided by the driver is an estimation, it is advisable to try to adjust mileage as close to the reality as possible. Because in case of an accident, if the data communicated to the insurance company doesn’t come close to the reality, this could result in ending coverage.