Have you ever imagined how you want your retirement to be? In an era where the private pension plan is likely to become increasingly more important in relation to the public pension plan, Costa TopSegur advises you on how to build a safe and reliable capital for your future. As experts in the sector we are convinced that the right moment to start a pension plan is the moment that one enters the labour market. And that the best way to do it, is by means of a reliable, independent adviser as he will be able to make a thorough selection of the products of several companies and advise in more detail.


In a working environment with common uncertainties as at this moment, is good to be prepared to face any adverse situation in the economic situation. With the purchase of a savings plan you will build a short, medium or long term capital and with the periodic contributions that best suit you and the possibility of making extraordinary contributions at your choice. In addition, you can always recover all or part of your savings without any penalty. Our philosophy is based on the combination of attention and a totally personalized management working with the best products of the leading insurance companies in the market.


At Costa TopSegur we advise and manage the contracting of the insurances of associations of homeowners. We put at your service a consultant who will give you the professional support to choose the product that best suits the needs of your association. We offer you the personalized management of the best products on the market. With support services in plumbing and electricity, painting, locksmithing, cleaning, carpentry, masonry, legal protection, pipes, etc. Always to guarantee the best coverage and assistance.


How many times have you heard that health is the most important thing in life? Well of course, indeed, it is. Your health and that of your family is the pillar on which your life is built, so you want it to be perfectly insured. Costa TopSegur works with the best health companies in the market that – really – will give you access to the best clinics in the country and where you will not have to suffer long waiting times for diagnoses or treatment. We work to offer you the best health coverage for you and your family. From primary medicine to diagnostics and from treatment techniques to guaranteeing personalized treatment and constant improvement.


Your home is the most precious physical asset you have. You and your family deserve that it is protected in a way that guarantees absolute peace of mind to any unforeseen problem. A good home insurance suits your circumstances and lets your house be your place of rest and leisure. Each family and each house is different. Therefore, Costa TopSegur designs a custom home insurance configuration based on your choices between the coverages and solutions that best suit you from the range of products offered by our professionals.


Looking at a family’s economic dependence on one of its members, it is essential to ensure the welfare and future of the rest of the family in the unfortunate case of disability or even death. It is very important to be prepared for these kinds of unforeseen events so we can prevent our loved ones from not having the opportunities they deserve in the future. How will my family go on if something happens to me? Through our professionalism and experience, we give you the most effective solution to this question, providing you to your needs finding the best quality coverage to guarantee the future of your family.


Your car is your home during your travels. Just worry about driving with insurance that protects your vehicle and the occupants and with the best assistance on the road. Car insurance of third parties adapted to your needs, with coverage on theft, fire, breakage of the windows, or all risk insurance to be protected against any incident. Whatever type of coverage you seek, we offer a personalized service with our experience to always facilitate the best option.


To some, sea and navigation are their passion which you have to live to the fullest. Therefore at Costa TopSegur we offer you the best insurance for your boat with coverage on any damage that it may suffer or any risks that may arise for the occupants. We provide the best guarantees for optimal insurance and a fully flexible policy so that you can adapt it to your needs.


If you own a property you rent out you should know that sometimes there are situations of non-payment by the tenant. Given this possibility, the most convenient for your financial security is the contracting of a rent reimbursement insurance that guarantees the protection against both the default of your tenant and the damages, legal costs and expenses of eviction that may happen. At Costa TopSegur we offer you the possibility of having the best insurance for non-payment of rent through a personalized insurancce by our team of professionals.