There is only one way to fully enjoy your passion for sea and navigation, and that’s with the complete peace of mind of coverage and protection adapted to your real needs. Although there is a great diversity between the demands and needs of the users of vessels, the fundamental aspect of the contracted yacht insurance must be the flexibility and the ability to respond to each one of these needs through an insurance system tailored to the user.

Does the law require yachting insurance?

Although the only policy that is obligated by law is a Civil Liability insurance which covers personal and material damage to third parties, it is highly recommended to expand this policy to ensure full safety of the user and its companions. There is a wide range of optional guarantees, among which it is especially advisable to include nautical assistance.

What coverages does nautical assistance include?

This level of protection acquires special relevance in case of damage or loss of the yacht and in case of health problems by the policyholder or other occupants of the ship.

If damage or accidents occur, the nautical assistance includes the towing of the yacht, accommodation and/or transfer costs of the occupants, transport costs for the collection of the yacht, transfer and medical assistance for injured persons in both national as international territory and transfer and repatriation in case of deceased persons.

With what other coverages can boat insurance be completed?

In addition to what has been previously seen, other interesting coverages can be included, such as the following:

  • Voluntary civil liability, an extension of the obligated liability.
  • Personal effects such as sports equipment, technological devices, clothes, etc.
  • Accessories such as awnings, audio-visual systems, etc.
  • Theft and damage by attempted theft.
  • Personal accidents on board.
  • Total loss or abandonment of the ship, either by a collision, fire, explosion, weather, etc.
  • Substitution yacht with a value of the normal rental costs of a similar yacht.